How to fix a sat nav on the Dashboard

Odd question but.....I have a Hinda Jazz and like lots of cars the windscreen is sloped too much to fix my sat nav to it.

I hope to fix it to my Dashboard but the "sucker/pad doesn't stick to it.

Anyone have an idea how I can fix it to stay put when in use. Are there any fixings made for this purpose.

Thanks DD
12:33 Mon 08th Feb 2010
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Something like one of these?



A bit of googling for sat nav mounts or sat nav bean bags will give you more options
Sorry, last link should have been this one
After trying all the gizmos and gadgets on the market, none of which were satisfactory for various reasons, I spend more on a brodin proclip and mount. You buy a proclip specific to your car and a mount specific to your satnav.
I've used it two years or more and it's very easy. Keeps the satnav within easy view and reach, easy to dismount it when parked up, and no drilling involved.
how about a airvent clip OR Heavy Duty Strips Black (velcro) £2.99 Halfords or other
A search on the internet will direct you to a sat nav bracket for attaching to your air vents. I've done this and it is very secure and steady.
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Thankyou for your replies. We bought the one above!
No idea id it fits cos he who must be obeyed insists it will without even trying it.

Will let you know when he fits it.


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