operators licence for private use 7.5t g.v.w.

if i own and privately use a 7.5 tonne truck would i need an operators licence? and would i need to comply with drivers hours rules (tachograph)?
it is going to be used only by myself whilst i carry out a self build project and only used to transport my own sand gravel and waste building materials
19:29 Tue 31st Mar 2009
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thanks chris,

lots of information to digest there!! looks like i will get something smaller, under 3.5 tonnes G.V.W. after reading the exemptions im still not 100% sure because the goods are not carried for hire or reward, i think ill give them a ring on the enquiry line, but thanks for pointing me to the correct information,

Reading Chris's first link I would have said no to the operator's licence, because of the following phrase:

'....if they are used to carry goods or burden of any description in connection with a trade or business, or for hire or reward.'

If you are using it in a private capacity, for self build, surely that is outside the scope of this.
Thanks PB.

I really must learn to read questions properly before I post. I spotted the bit about transporting sand and gravel but failed to notice the reference to 'self-build'. If the property is to be used as Slurp's primary residence it might well be the case that an operator's licence is not required. (If he's building a house to be sold though, I would assume that it would count as 'business' purposes).

Question Author
thanks for the answers,

the house is my home, and i am living there, and will not be selling, so i guess i may not need an "o" licence, but from the info in chris's link there is a helpline phone no i will ring,

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