new ford focus without locking fuel cap

My neighbour has just taken delivery of ford focus the flap on fuel cp does not lock and it does not have a cap inside. The garage says this is a new 'foolproof' system and these are not needed but it is easy to pen and even a finger can go in the hole. Does anyone have any information about this and how it is being received by other customers?
09:55 Wed 28th May 2008
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Doesn't it lock when the car is locked - part of the central locking system?
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No it doesn't Panic Button- personally I'd tell them to take it back until its sorted but they told him its how it should be!!! say its a new system Ford are promoting and all new Ford cars in showroom are the same- I tried googling but didn't really get a result
The idea was used first on the range rover the new mondeo and now focus , the idea is there is a sensor thingy in the pipe which will only open when the fuel filler from the pump is inserted .
Oh no ..another sensor to break and leave you unable to fill the car up ...ha ha
i have a scenic that dont have no cap ...think the flap only locks when all the car is lock ...

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