Renault Clio immobiliser

Both ignition keys of my Renault Clio have failed to switch of the immobiliser and I can't start the car. Is it possible to over ride or by-pass the immobiliser as a new key costs �130.
08:56 Thu 22nd May 2008
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this MAY or may not be of any use to you, but i had a 97 clio, and i THOUGHT i had that problem, turned out that i needed to do teh following....

sit in car, take keys out of ignition, use button on key to open and close teh doors, then teh immobilisor worked...

thats just my experience
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Thanks eyebrows but I've managed to reset the immobiliser. For anyone with the same problem in future try the following.
1) Put key in ignition and turn to position one
2) disconnect battery
3)Re-connect battery
4)Remove ignition key
5) Lock car a wait a few minutes.
This should reset the immobiliser.
hi i need help please i have probleme they sed is immobiliser and i got the four digit number from arnold clarck i try put the cod but i wasnt working because red light keep flashing verry fast my car parked away from home sence new year please if eny one can help email me

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