What are category C and Category d registered cars?

I'm looking to buy a cheap car to use for 2 to 3 years and then get rid of it. i won't be looking to sell it on after this time, just scrap it.

Is it a viable option to buy a cat C or D car?

Will insurance companies have a problem with it?

Category C and Category D Registered Cars
10:26 Thu 10th May 2007
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these cars are generally easy to repair, depending on age a cat d might be nothing more than a keyed panel. a cat c needs an ID check (VIC test @ �36) before going back on the road
Generally speaking a category C write-off is one where the cost to repair was more than the value of the car.

A Category D write off is where the cost of repair is more than 60% of the value of the car. Insurance companies tend to write them off above this figure to avoid nasty shocks.

There is also a relatively new category X for stolen cars that insurance companies have paid out on and are then later recovered.

Some insurance companies will not cover category C or D cars - I think it's because their value is lower by virtue of their history and it complicates things if they have to pay out on them. But there are plenty that do.

If you're buying a category Cespecially you want to be asking how come it was viable to repair contrary to the category, what the damage was, can you see photos to verify what that damage was, who repaired it etc.

The reason for the ID check is because it's tempting for somepeople to buy a write off, steal a similar car and swap the identities - you'd want to be happy that this hasn't happened.
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Thanks for your answers guys. Will an insurance company look on it more favourably if I take out just 3rd party insurance? That way the complications and potential payouts would be reduced or removed?
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Like I say it's just policy with a few underwriters.

We had a landrover written off and the insurance company were good about it gave us a reasonable price but said "you can have it back but we won't cover you on a write off -sorry"

You shouldn't have a problem just move on if you hit one that says no
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Thanks everyone for their answers. It looks like the way to go.
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