renault immobiliser problems ( Key code)

how can I find the key code for my 1998 renault scenic?
I have looked inside the keys and on the printed circuit,it is supposed to be a 4 digit code but all the numbers I can see are either longer or have letters in as well.
I have got the info from the net to input the code to start the car but need the code.can anyone help please?
Pete Birmingham
12:28 Thu 17th Aug 2006
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Probably have to go to a Renault Dealers but have a look here first.................... 019-key-coding-quite-urgent.html?highlight=cli o+key+code

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Good Luck.
Sonicone, try this before you pay out money to Renault garage.
Put key in ignition, turn to position1, disconnect + cable on battery, reconnect, take out key and lock door with remote, go for cup of tea.
The immobiliser should have reset itself (mine did anyway and has worked ok since!).
Dont forget that you will need to reprogramme your radio do have a code number for the radio??
Does not work on a 2000 Renault Megane...

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