flashing glow plug light

i have a seat toledo which works fine except yesterday the glow plug light came on and started flashing when i was driving does anyone know what this could be thanks.
10:56 Mon 28th Nov 2005
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Hi. It could be that your brake light switch is faulty. If it is, then your brake lights will either be permanantly on or permanantly off. Ask someone to stand at the rear of the car and check them for you.
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thanks have checked that and brake lights seem fine.
I had the same symptom with an Octavia. It was driving me nuts until one day someone told me that my none of my brake lights were working. After replacing the brake light switch the glow plug light extinguished!

Are you driving a diesel?

If so, and the glow plug warning light is on, it probably means that one or more of your glow plugs have gone. Quite a common problem with diesel engines during spells of cold weather.

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yes it is a diesel, will get the glow plugs checked out thanks.
For information only - my Octavia was a diesel.
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thank you loola, you have saved me a hefty garage repair bill, it is the brake lights. thanks again
No probs!
I came looking for an answer to the glow plug light flashing on my Octavia.

The concensus seemed to be that the brake light switch might be at fault or that the brake bulbs might be out. It seemed to be a strange connection but I checked my brake lights and both were out. I replaced them and the glow plug light stopped flashing.

Thanks, guys.

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