fiat punto problems

I have a punto 1.2 75 ELX. The thermostat reading is almost on red even driving about 7 miles short distance run. I drove over 140 miles the other day and checked my oil when i got back to find virtually no oil in but no warning light had indicated to me about this. I have since filled it up. It now jurks ever so slightly when i accelerate harder than normal and the heat reading is way over normal on the thermostat. Could this be a my fan belt or a thermostat problem? Have looked on some websites but not alot of help. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Oh am taking it in later to the garage so any answers before 4:00 would be great taaa!
13:59 Mon 16th May 2005
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I used to hear the fan come on regularly but recently now you have said it have not heard it. Hope this is the main thing. Any idea how much these things cost to fix?
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dont ask, took it in last night he said it was the thermostat so he is fitting it today. Could have blown my head gasket apparently good job i didn't.......
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i got the same car, same problem cost me 13 for new thermostat but the oil bit could be ur head gasket gone

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