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I have a Honda CRV exec top the range Diesel.
Registered 2007 April and current second hand trade in value is £9,000 to £9,500.
Can't decide if to trade it in now for a new car or wait another year .
What would guess it would be worth in a years time ?

New car is going to me back £23,000 approx.
22:32 Tue 29th Nov 2011
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I'd be very surprised if a 4 year old CRV is worth anything approaching that. £6K max. You have to be raving to buy a new car anyway. For what you are spending you can get a top of the range low mileage supercar.
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Trade in value via 3 sources
What Car

Guess they could all be wrong.

Yes maybe I will not bother with a new car and 4 year warranty and pick up a good second hand Porche instead or maybe a Jag ?
Trade in! right oh!" they knock it off one end and leave it on the other. Try and flog it for the true value.
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Flog it for true value - no way
Whole load of hassle that and idiots and crooks and axe killers knocking at my door

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