Fiesta heater will not blow cold!!

Please Help!

I have a fiesta 2000, 1.25l Zetec LX. The heater in the car will only blow hot air and if left on, becomes unbearably hot. I have looked at the heater valve and last time i had the problem (about a year ago) it was fixed by a gentle tap to the valve (well maybe a good clout!)!!!
However this has cropped up again and it seems more of a problem than before.
I know that the heater valves are common problems and i have replaced this valve today. BUT IT HAS NOT SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!!!! It hasn't helped at all. What else could be causing this problem? I dont have a problem with the engine overheating or an air lock.

So it's the heater/blower only blowing HOT air and it will not blow cold. The heater valve has been replaced but has not helped.

Thanks in advance!

15:47 Fri 20th Feb 2009
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I had the exact same problem with my Fiesta - an independent mechanic (NOT Ford dealer) fixed it for �120 (inc. labour). It's some kind of electrical fault, can't remember what exactly, but my mech knew what it was instantly.

Only 1 answer

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