Channel 5 weather girl?

Who is the attractive brunette Channel 5 weather girl -saw yesterday at 7.10pm ,light irish accent and sounds anxious.
Is it Lisa Burke ?- (but she is listed as only Sky Weather) and can't really say it is her
19:50 Tue 30th Dec 2008
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Yes it was Lisa Burke

Channel 5 take some, if not all of their news from Sky and their weather reports so perhaps there is a bit of crossover of presenters over Christmas and New Year cos I expect some of the presenters have swanned off on hols!

as an aside, a while ago I saw a prog about her wedding and I think it cost about the same as the GDP of a small nation so I dont feel sorry for her having to work over Christmas, but by the size of her belly she will be having a year off

Only 1 answer

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