Anyone see

Victoria Wood on BBC2 tonight? She looks fabulous.
19:36 Sat 17th Mar 2012
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I'm afraid that Victoria Wood's success is a total mystery to me. The wonderful play 'Pat and Margaret' aside (and it was the late great Thora Hird who made it so) I find her very difficult to laugh at. We're all different aren't we?
I can't understand her popularity, either, but she did look fantastic.
I think she's brilliant.

Didn't see her tonight though.
He did not ask if you liked her. He asked if you thought she was fabulous which she did
She did look fab but I thought it was an old interview, is that her now then? If so I want her secret.
She looked fantastic with longer hair. We saw her many years ago when she had just hit the TV screes, doing a one-woman show at the Octagon in Bolton, she was very very funny, we had to drive down to Felixstowe to get the ferry home, we were still talking about it then.
I didn't see her but if you mean the Story of Light Entertainment at 7pm it was a repeat of an old series from 2006.
I've always loved Victoria Wood.
I also love her, she is just so witty and clever. She makes me laugh.

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