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I have just had a telephone call from someone supposedly at sky to tell me that the sky hd box I fitted in June is now out of guarantee and to cover it for problems I need to buy some insurance at a 'specially reduced' rate of £8 per month. Doesn't take many months before I could buy a new one. This box has already started to show signs of problems. As I did not actually buy the box, it was free as part of a special offer, would I still be covered by the sale of goods act. He also said the dish was my responsibility but was very non commital as to whether this actually belonged to me or not. I accept any piece of kit will eventually run out of guarantee but after 4 MONTHS - surely this can't be right. I feel very sorely tempted to tell sky to stick their service but have no alternative to access the channels I like - we can't get virgin as we don't have cable where I live. I hate the way they have you all tied up like this due to there being no competition.
17:17 Tue 05th Oct 2010
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Sounds fishy give sky a ring & explain fully as you have here.
Yes,Do what whiskeyron says,as soon as possible.
i have had the same call and they are nothing to do with sky
i had the same phone call from a supposed sky repoffering insurance. i was suspicious because i asked him how he knew my guarantee had run out and he couldnt tell me when i had it installed! it turned out to be a scam insurance company that were nothing to do with sky so i would definately check it out
I, like a fool accepted their offer and have tried to get them to sort out my Sky+ box and although I have paid the full price they say that I only paid for the cheap Sky box, and I have the proof. The case continues.
I have had about 5/6 same calls in the last 2 weeks.
At first I thought they were genuine then realized my contract has another 3 months to go.
Told the last call Monday to P1SS OFF.
Had a similar call, including special offers to "upgrade" (I'd already got it) but I pretended to go along with it; when I asked for a phone number to ring back with my decision it went blank. Dodgy.
Just reminded me of other calls I have been getting recently from recorded messages saying '' please don't hang up, this is a genuine call, we can help you with your debts '' another one i got today (recorded) was saying '' congratulations, you have won a holiday '' do these people think we are stupid?
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Thanks everybody for you answers. I called sky first thing this morning and yes of course it is nothing to do with them. For anyone getting a call of this kind, this is the information given to me by an exceedingly nice and polite young lady. The box is guaranteed under manufacturers warranty as usual for 12 months. They will not phone about the warranty running out, they will write about a month before offering a maintenance contract with a company allied to them, I think Domestic and General was the name. They have a problem with these scam callers, some of who are simply out to get your bank details from you so beware. If anyone else has a call of this kind, she asked that you try and get the name of the company if you can, and note if this is a witheld, international or a number registered on your phone. They are very appreciative of any information people can give to them so that they can investigate and try to shut them down. But most importantly do NOT buy what they are offering, and most definitely do not give them any information at all about yourself.
I had a Sky+ box, paid a lot for it, plus the monthly subs, it died literally days after the 12 months were up! Had a call from Sky recently telling me how fantastic their Sky+ HD was, told them about my previous Sky+ box & was surprised to get a response - "gosh, that never usually happens with Sky+ boxes, how strange, did you call us and try to reset it?" lol, of course i did, but then i found out how you make them to last 12 months and not much longer!
now got a 2nd hand box which has lasted a lot longer than the box I paid for.
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I have heard, on quite good authority, if your box goes very shortly after the guarantee runs out, if you tell sky that you are cancelling your subscription they will often repair or replace the box. Depends upon how much your monthly payment is of course, but a callout costs about £60 and they prefer to stand this rather than lose the £50-£60 - and often more - a month they will be losing. Its certainly worth a try

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