Eurovision Song Contest

how may countries can take part, also of all those who can enter which have never entered,
21:58 Sat 16th May 2009
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according to the official site, 42 entrants this year (including those who didn't get out of the semifinals - just fyi the UK has large enough viewing figures to ensure they avoid the semis altogether)

51 countries have entered in the history of the competition.
4 countries eligible to enter have withdrawn due to their own reasons, some to do with Israel's involvement.

Also, Algeria, Lybia, Egypt and Jordan are eligible as members of the EBU, but have neve taken part.

So - 59 total.
that said, there are 56 countries in the current list of EBU members so I'm guessing some of the list above includes Yugoslvia and Czechoslovakia etc, which don't exist anymore .php

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thanks whickerman

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