meat loaf

has there been any updates as to why meat loaf did not appear on loose woman last week after he was struck down by a mystery illness been trying to find out but cannot find anything out about it. tia
14:37 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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He probably just discovered what it was he had to face.
Don't blame him myself.
Yeah, Denise Welch !!!
Question Author
Lol you guys...just wondered if it had been something serious, although if it had of been it would probably of been in the news by now
It was on the news, he felt unwell, like at a concert he did last year, they also mentioned he 'wasn't himself' on the one Show monday night, which i forgot to watch on catch up
You took the words right out of my mouth......
Don't forget it's only a few years since he had major heart surgery - he probably keeps a better eye on his health now - we were at the Wembley concert where he collapsed on the stage and the show was cancelled.
LOL at Shoota
Question Author
Hadn't realized he'd had major heart surgery box

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