stuttering --bbc 3 now

Any one watching this?

its painfull to watch if you have been a stutterer, but managed to kick the affliction. I went through my childhood till my late teens stuttering but not as bad as these on this programme. x pusskins
22:12 Mon 27th Feb 2012
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have only seen a bit of this,but will watch later puss.i have a bit of a problem with a stoppage at times,but totally miniscule compared to these folks. i knew a guy who had a really bad stammer but if he changed his accent to a different country,he had no problem at all! the mind is such a powerful thing
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it effected me really badly as a kid, always hanging back and not asking or talking much because I couldnt speak proper lol.
Worst ever was standing up in front of the class, and calling to my mum or whoever from from the bottom of the stairs to get my message heard. it held me back no end. its horrible to be a stutterer!

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