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Anybody watched Jeremy Kyle yesterday?

A work colleague's family were on, they were "classy!"
12:45 Fri 09th Sep 2011
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I thought the accent sounded familiar..........:o)
I might end up watching it on catch up TV tonight. Which ones were they?
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no.....to save electricity i drive around the nearest council estate and see the future guests there ....lol
Oh don't you just love it when you see someone you know on it! (sarcastically), unfortunately I've seen 1 or two people that I know :-( *hangs head in shame* xx
I wouldn't admit such a thing - especially JK!
I sat in a pub, here in Blackpool, several years ago listening to some of the other customers.

Between them, there had been 3 Trishas, 2 JKs........and a couple of others I have forgotten.

Looking at them...........I wasn't in the least bit surprised. :o(
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They were the second family on EvianBaby. Mum wanted son to split from his girlfriend as she's a trollop.

I'm surprised my work mate told us all, I certainly wouldn't, my toes were curling on her behalf.
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lol I know Jack, but her family are well....errrm, shall we say special?
Do you know the identity of 'the man they couldn't mention'?
must be a first Boo......havtng guests on where a member of their family has actually done a days work
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No Jack, didn't ask my work mate as I wouldn't have known who he was anyway. Lol, yeah, you have a point mockrog.
Bet he's quite a catch........:o/
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oh without a doubt, heh!
I don't watch it but I might make an exception and watch it on catch up B00 :o)

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