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Helo there all. In the film 'The Titanic'...

When Fabrizio finds Jack, Rose and Tommy and the bottom of the main stairwell after they have been told they cannot get up that way, why when Jack is informed that "the boats are all gone" and then told by Fabrizio that there is an exit, why does Jack not go that way?
13:18 Fri 08th Oct 2010
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The ship is sinking everyone is panicking - who is to tell what is going through his head.

PS - It is a film!!!!
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Your p.s made me smile! I know I know, but just thought I ask for a few other opinions as I have no clue! Thank you Mark :)
joey . . . .Don't worry too much, there are over 215 known mistakes in the movie 'Titanic'


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