black and yellow helicopter????

do black helicopters with a yellow roof belong to the police? Also i think there is yellow on the tail.

and why woud it be hovering over the middle of a town. Having a guess i would say over a working class area and a sports centre and college, for 20 minutes? and now i can jsut about see it in the distance and its going over the whole town??????
15:08 Wed 05th May 2010
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whats a working class area?
Yes the black and yellow ones are police.
Are you wanted by the Police molly ? Hide in the Barn :-)
Question Author
redcx it looked liek it was hovering over a area with a large council estate where there are rows upon rows of small, attatched houses.
Question Author
i haven't got a barn.
It's spelt b-r-a-i-n...........
sure it wasn't just a wasp very close to you?
Yes it's police and they're always hovering about over estates here, they could be searching, but I always thought the heli police just like to take it out for a jolly :-)
LOL jackthehat !
Question Author
lol, jack!
Good one
Yes molly, it'll be a rozzer-chopper.

However where it's hovering has no relation where it's looking. If it's on a covert job it could be looking at something a couple of miles away. Or it could be looking for a middleclass housewife who's gone nuts run off to commit suicide
Question Author
We hardly ever see them round here.
my comment was also funny but no one noticed
round here, on my working class estate, they're always out! think they've got nawt better to do than to look down and laugh at us shovelling our coal, and making jam sandwiches for tea. bloody police!
They will probably land in the field next to your house molly. If you have a stash of drugs or anything else illegal I'd hide it now before they come and search.......
sorry, BL, yes yours was also amusing :)
Yes bigger....that was also funny.
Question Author
no need to get in a huff. I was merely describing where i thought the helicopter was hovering over.

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