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having paid for tax does one need to display a tax disc whil waiting for it to arrive?
09:16 Fri 31st Jul 2009
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what are you intending displaying? an expired disc, or one from another car?
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My Rroad tax runs out today - 31/07/09. If I apply online and pay for tax from 01/08/09, can I still use the car even though not displaying a current tax disc?
officially, no. you can display it, but it's not valid. I suggest you go to the Post Office today and safe yourself some potential trouble.
Either way, come midnight you will have an untaxed car - illegal - vehicle on the road unless you go to the PO and get it done today
To apply online it's advised it can take 5 working days for your disc to arrive (ours took 24 hours) - there is no excuse for your car to be untaxed

And, NO you cannot use the card after midnight today
The law has changed so you will be ok. I quote from my renewal reminder for a tax disc :-

"if you apply on-line or over the phone in the last few days of this month you will not be committing an offence if you do not display a tax disc for the first five working days of the next month. This is a new law which gives time for the new tax disc to arrive in the post. This new law only applies if you made your application for a new tax disc before the current one or SORN ran out"

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having paid for tax does one need to display a tax disc whil waiting for it to arrive?
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