Is forging someones signature legal

Is forging someones signature legal - I work for a company that does this when the customer has not signed the paper work to say that it has been completed - they do this to get there grants paid on time - just wanted to no if this legal and should I just ignore it
15:00 Thu 10th Jul 2008
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Its illegal to forge someones signature
of course its illegal!

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Please ignore the idiotic,tedious and childish Tetjam(also known as Mamjet).
It is DEFINITELY illegal!
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Hope its legal when its your husbands signature youre using ( scurries away pronto -as if -pah !!

In answer to your Q -its not legal unless they have signed a Power of Attorney to say your company can sign on their behalf.No ifs buts or maybes.I wouldnt ignore it -as- if you did- you are being aparty to it from what you say -and mark my words if they get caught they will implicate you as well -even tho you are decent enough to know its wrong or at least to query it.
cameron - face it you know it's an illegal
and offensive act; you just wanted to rat
on your employer, which i think it's the
right thing to do. but you are doing it in
the wrong place.

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