uninsured vehicles

is there a website that will confirm if a vehicle is insured ? I SAW AN AD ON THE TELLY BUT DIDN'T WRITE THE ADDRESS
11:41 Wed 21st Mar 2012
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It costs £4. Why don't you know whether your car is taxed or not?
^ correct.... & too quick for me ....d91..
Sorry, insured.
It doesn't cost anything to check your own car ... and since they don't know who you are ....;)
I was going to say that dave
It costs nothing, if you tick the box
bear in mind the car may be insured, the driver may not be
... and vice versa
the site will tell you if the vehicle is on the IMDB and insured to somebody, it is not a confirmation that the driver/vehicle combination is covered.
IMDB - isn't that the Movie Data base?
well if ain't on there it'll be on MIDB!

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