Car Insurance Mileage

When I took out the insurance on my car last year , i stated that i would be doing 3000 annual mileage
( which is stated on the insurance documents ) .
I genuinely beleived that this figure was more than enough

However I just realised that i have done approx 3881 to date . The insurance expires at the end of March

I became the new keeper on 01/11/06
The mileage at the MOT on 17/02/07 was 98537
The mileage at the MOT today is 102418

What are the insurance implications ?
17:17 Tue 12th Feb 2008
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As per Steve's answer, the mileage you have actually done is negligible.

I've seen people that have stated that they do 1000 miles per annum, but when their documents come in, it's been closer to 20000!!!

We usually allow for up to about 2000 miles over the disclosed amount, as you never know if someone has a personal situation that means that they will go over their declared milegae (ie frequent hospital trips), but anyone found extracting the urine only gets a slightly increased premium to cover the increased risk - it's highly unlikely that it will actually affect your cover.

When working at my previous employers, we used to deal with classic policies - these were very strict policies, and limited mileage polices were really scrutinised. However, as previously stated, going over your declared mileage isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.
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Thanks both

I was concerned because when I filled in the form on the site the prices quoted for cover were higher , as the mileage increased .
Added to that , i noticed when I received the insurance documents , that my declared mileage of 3000 was printed prominently in bold , on the policy

Also I thought - with the new computerised MOT system that they would look to see what mileage was on the car when the subsequent MOT was carried out .
The reasoning behind the annual mileage is that the more miles you do the more chance you have of having an accident. I would suggest that if you only do 3000 miles per year you would be cheaper getting taxis, :) XX

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