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I got my renewal letter for my car insurance today but I can get it cheaper elsewhere. Can I phone them up just now to cancel the renewal (which is automatic) or do I have to wait for the day before to do it? The renewal date is April 14th. Thanks :)
20:37 Thu 22nd Mar 2012
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Cancel it now erin. I had the same thing with my home insurance last week. The sooner you ring them the better
Can't you ring them and ask them how you don't re-new?
Ring now - they may well make a competitive offer - if not the insurance is still valid until the date/time on the certificate.
I'd ring and ask them to match your new quote, and if they won't- tell them not to renew it.
Ring them now...but see if they'll match your cheaper quote first.
You can contact them anytime and advise that you do not wish to renew with them. If you pay by direct debit on line go into your account and cancel any payment pending to them to ensure they can take no money.
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Never thought of that Sher!! haha! I'll phone them on Saturday :)
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I don't really want to stay with them tbh. I would rather go with someone i've heard of now that i've got 2 years no claims under my belt. It's no longer the case of going with the cheapest possible lol!!

I'm thinking of getting a new car in a couple of months so I want to go with someone who has at least some positive reviews of customer service.... something my current provider doesn't have!
In fact, if you talk to your new insurer, they'll often say that they will deal with informing your previous supplier. They love it.
erin,who are you thinking of changing over to,I too am looking for a better insurer.
defo get a lower quote in the bag first, then phone!
kloofnek, insured my car this morning on line with AXA, very good deal.
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The AA.. they had the cheapest quote and I had heard of them.. bonus!!
I was with the AA last year but this year they were way over the top and would not go lower.
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I don't mind changing every year depending on prices.. I just fancied going with a known name instead of some obscure insurer.
have you 'go compared' or similar yet?
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Go compare is the site I used and the AA were the cheapest :)

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