Electric Key meters (prepayment)

I know the blue button scrolls through the menus on my electric key meter but does anyone know what the white button does? When I press it, it scrolls through pounds (�1.00, �2.00 etc) and now my credit is less than it should be!

15:12 Wed 27th Oct 2004
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It is a budget button so you can keep tabs on your usage. You can select an amount to budget on then your meter beeps at you when you have spent this amount. you can then reselect another amount or set your meter back to normal

You can also use it to limit how much electricity is used - say you're away for the weekend and don't want the kids/babysitter to put all the lights/TVs/sound system on day & night.  You may come back to a thawed fridge/freezer tho'

what does error b3 and b4 mean on a electric key meter

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