Hounsfield tensometer

Does anyone know how a manual hounsfield tensometer works? It is used in engineering to measure the tensile strength of a material. If anyone does know can you tell me how the material is mounted and how the machine works. Thanks
19:47 Tue 27th May 2008
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A standard dimension "bar" of the material under test is clamped at each end.the distance between the clamps is gradually increased until failure occurs.The force to achieve this is recorded and knowing the cross-sectional area of the test piece the tensile strength is calculated.
Its over 40 years since I used one, the test piece was held by spring loaded jaws that were tapered, so the higher the force used the more they gripped, at the end there was a drum with paper roll which turned as the force was applied, and a needle device that you used to make pin holes in the paper to produce a graph. Thats about all I can remember, if it helps.

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