Is there a time limit in how long you have to cash a cheque?

This afternoon when going through some boxes i came across a cheque that was written out to me for �40 I can't think how it ended up in the box.The cheque was written out back in March 2004.Will i still be able to cash this?.
17:59 Thu 04th Aug 2005
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No, 6 months is the limit.
We've just found nearly �75 in cheques from a variety of birthdays dated 2004. After 6months you need to either get another written or the writer can alter and initial the date.

i always thought you had no time limit on a personal check but 90 to 180 days for a business check.

6 months limit *if* the cashier notices the date on the cheque.
Strictly speaking, it's no longer valid.

The most straightforward option is to return the cheque to show you've not cashed it and ask for a replacement but you could plead innocence and try to pay it in.
"Out of date? I didn't even notice the date, my partner just asked me to pay it in. 6 months you say?"
Peanut, Are they the US rules? I noticed the spelling of Cheque as Check!

I agree with the 6 month rule, but I believe think there is another point.

As a cheque is not legal tender (money) the writer of the cheque is obliged to issue another check if the first one is reported missing etc. So you could get in touch with the issuer and request another cheque.

I had a �lost' dividend cheque that was found 3 years later. It was  replaced by company without any problems.

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Thanxs for the answers Guys & Girls

It was an handwritten cheque i got from a neighbour next door to me last year.However they moved away just before Christmas last year.All i know is they were moving down to England.So there isn't much i can do about it now.

I have just had a cheque for �199.99 come out of my account on the 8th May this year. I did not write the cheque so I contacted my bank for a copy and the date of the cheque was actually the 16 July 2002 - so I called and asked how long I would have to cash a cheque and they said a cheque can be cashed anytime withing 6 years!!!!

I am now in the process of recovering the money which is going to take about 3 weeks!!!!

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