i pod shuffle

I am thinkin of buying one but can someone tell me if I am able to choose a track or can you download individual playlists so I can choose the tracks for when Im at the gym and another one for when Im just chillin? tia
21:21 Mon 15th Aug 2011
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You make your own Playlists from all the music in your iTunes Library (all of your music). You can make as many Playlists as you like.
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Gr8 thks snags
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is ITunes the only site u can use to download?
In case you don't know, iTunes is free to download from here:

I've got an Ipod shuffle (the really small one) and I can only listen to what's on there at random. I'm not aware I can put playlists on??
''is ITunes the only site u can use to download?''

To download Music? As well as buying tracks from the iTunes Store, you can also upload/import music in to your iTunes library from your own CD collection or import tracks you have downloaded from the internet, such as buying individual tracks or whole albums from Amazon for example...
Prudie... from the menu at the top of the itunes window... File > New Playlist. Drag songs from your iTunes Library in to the new Playlist folder that appears on the left hand side of the iTunes window and give it a name. You can make as many different playlists as you like then chose which one of your playlists you want to put on your ipod.
Oh right, thanks snags. I can't load say 3 playlists on and select from the shuffle itself though, it has no screen for starters?
Just make another Playlist and put all the music from your '3' Playlists in to it...
The I POD shuffle either plays in order or on random, and restarts wherever it stopped off when you last turned it off. There is a backwards and forwards selection, but nothing to tell you what the actual track is and no way to select a particular playlist etc. I use mine for the gym - all it has on it is a gym-appropriate playlist! The little clip built into it is very sturdy so incredibly useful for the gym.

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