Brother Super Galaxie 2100 Embroidery Machine

I have recently acquired a Brother Super GAlaxie 2100 Embroidery Machine but it did not come with a manual. Does anyone have one they no longer need or are willing to photocopy.
Alternatively can you let me know where I can download a copy.
19:50 Sat 15th May 2010
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I can't help you directly but pretty sure who will be able to. If you go to this site

scroll down & on the left hand side you will see "household" & under this heading choose "sewing machines". You can post & there is a man, Ken, who answers every sewing machine question thats on there. He has personally helped me with a question about my machine. You do not have to register to use the site, just follow the instructions but you will have to go back to see if he's replied (I'm sure he will) as you don't get emails saying you have a message. Its worth a try & I'll be very surprised if he can't help you. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the help. I've given it a try.
I have the same machine and a manual somewhere. I'd be happy to copy it for you but I have to find it first. If you could wait about a week I should be able to pull it out.

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