Buying property in the US - has anyone encountered a 'Short Sale'?

Am considering buying an investement property in the US and one of those I'm looking at is on a 'Short Sale' - lots of info available online, but would like to know if anyone here has actually made a propery purchase using this system and if so, how easy (or otherwise) they found it?
23:10 Sun 04th Mar 2012
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Have you actually been there and had a look at what you are contemplating buying? If not there is too much room for fraud. You might also get tied up in local laws unless you know a bit about it.
There are so many investment properties going in the uk for a song why bother with the US? Steer clear -that would be my advice
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I already have a portfolio of properties in the UK and believe me, nothing can match the returns on offer in some parts of the states at the moment. We have friends who we visit frequently in the area we are thinking of investing in (Atlanta) so don't worry, I'm not going into this completely blind!

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