I have just become an orchid fancier, now when I bought it early December a lady passing by in the shop, told me that I have to keep it in the original see through plastic pot on a saucer, but I think it will look much nicer stood in a fancy pot. does anyone have any advice about this, thank you all very much.( I mean keep it in the original plastic pot and put it inside a nice one.)
10:53 Thu 05th Jan 2012
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Thats what I go grannie39 and mine are fine, blooming well at the moment. Don't forget to tip the water out of the fancy plant pot after watering as there will be no drainage.
Well the roots do photosynthesise so yes, best to keep them so they are in the light. Having said that, mine are in cache pots but they are much bigger than the pot and they are on a light window sill but little direct sun
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Thanks to you both off to find my nice pot now, A very Happy New Year to you)
the roots really need light ... I have transferred a number of orchids to an old glass fish tank they are doing very well and I have added some small urn plants for extra colour
It depends on which family of orchids it belongs to. If it came in a clear pot then keep it a clear pot. Some orchids prefer to have their roots covered, some like them exposed to the air, these have a pearly covering to the roots which holds rainwater so that the root can absorb it.
As above...it totally depends on if the orchid is an epiphyte (grows on the surface of other trees etc) or is a terrestrial orchid (grows in the ground)

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