Oil burner problems...

Hi. My oil burner was working last night but failed to fire today. It runs but never actually fires and it doesn't reset i.e. swtichs off & red light comes on. I assumed I'd run out of oil but there is some left in the tank - it's low but it's getting to the burner. The tank is about 2 feet above the burner and gravity fed. Could a loss of pressure due to low level, be the cause? Ta.
20:25 Fri 24th Feb 2012
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As long as the tank isn't too far from the house, two feet of head is plenty.
Have a look where the oil pipe enters the building. There should be a safety firevalve there. There is sometimes a reset button to get the oil flowing again.
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The oil is getting to the burner okay but was wondering if it needs to be above a certain pressure but I guess not. Will maybe investigate cleaning/installing new jet. Ta for your answer.
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It was the oil pump...if anyone's interested :|

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