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Hello again
On the wall outside my bathroom there is a normal wall switch for the bathroom light. It has only two wires going to it - I suppose this is what is called single pole.
Because I want to replace this switch with one with a neon light in it (so I do not forget to switch it off as it also works the fan) I got one with the neon from Wickes, but it is called double pole.
Looking at the back of it an the instns leaflet instead of just two connection holes there are four - a live and a neutral at the top marked LOAD L & N and at the bottom marked FEED L & N.
The instructions say when used as a ring main connect both leads to the switch (obviously!) - but do they both go into the holes marked FEED or into the top ones marked LOAD - I think the bottom is that right.
Both the leads in the current wall switch are brown in colour so I understand it does not matter which goes into L or N
Thanks all
13:48 Mon 31st Oct 2011
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Ruddy neon light's not going to work .. is it?!
WHERE'S the neutral?
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Thanks docspock
So....... do I put one wire in hole marked FEED and other in hole marked LOAD.
There is no 'neutral' just two brown wires joined when switch is on.
As Albags has pointed out. You need both a live and a neutral to power your neon light. You have only one side of the supply (i.e one feed from the mains and one load to the light). The other half of the supply is going direct to the light, so your neon is not going to work.
No Moggers .......... the neon needs a NEUTRAL (blue or black). Without it, it'll never work.
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Thanks everyone - understand and will leave it as it is!
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That is what I thought I would get! I want the neon light to come on when the bathroom light is switched on and to go off when I switch the light off - but everyone says this will not work.
On the current swirtch (without neon) I have just two wires both brown which I assumed were all you got on a ring main and they were both live and the switching on/off just isolated them?
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You need a light switch with a neon thats designed to operate without a neutral.The indicator lamp only takes a few ma and generally uses the earth as a return...but not always
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That's the one Bright Spark - but what type is it and where do I get one?
But you haven't go an earth to use as the return.
No earth required.
If MK Logic ... then I agree BS .. no separate neutral reqd. Handy.
Jumper the common (L) across into L .. and use one gang for light .. one for fan.
Otherwise just use the one gang if fan is connected with light elsewhere.
Connect to LOAD terminals.
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Thanks everyone
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I have finally sorted it thanks to all you experts!

I could only buy a double pole switch with a neon. So I connected the 'live' wire to the L feed and the other wire to the L load. I then connected a wire from the earth into the N load and all works well. ie. when I switch on the bathroom light the neon lights up and goes off when I switch the light off.

Thanks again
Moggie....this switch is not designed to work this way..if you get a high impedance fault in the neon then a potential difference could occur on metalwork within the bathroom...buy the correct accessory
lol lol lol

After all that ... a botch job.
Question Author
OK Bright Spark .....the switch is outside the bathroom.
Have tried everywhere to get the switch you mention - what is it called (in simple terms and where can I source one?
Are you saying it is dangerous to put a wire from the earth wich ison the metal back box to the neutral?
I already told you .... MK.
Not dangerous .. but could be if there is a fault with neon.

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