Creda Storage Heater

I stripped down this item to throw away as I was told it was asbestos free. Just wondered what was the cement like substance inside.
16:17 Tue 06th Sep 2011
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By the way the model was 790520 000QE
I'd have said it was asbestos. Assume it is unless you can be 100% sure it isn't, and if the heater is any age at all it will have been the only material used for such purposes.
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Thanks Maidup, I checked online and this didn't include asbestos. It would be too late anyway as it's already stripped down.
How old is it?
It's not mentioned here.........
Question Author
That's the problem TB I'm not sure of the date as it was already in. Still it would be too late now.
I think they had fibre cement panels inside .. are they panels .. and how thick?
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Thx for the great replies. They do happen to be cement.

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