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Please can anyone tell me in what year did Royal Mail start,thanks for any help
10:19 Tue 04th Mar 2008
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Penny post introduced in 1840. Could that be it
It depends what you mean by �Royal Mail��. y

Is this for the Simply Prizes comp? It's a badly worded question since there was an official 'Royal Mail' as far back as 1516, but it literally was just 'mail for royalty'.
The first really 'public' Royal Mail system began when letter boxes were installed in 1840.

Hope this helps
The Royal Mail traces its history back to 1516, when Henry VIII established a "Master of the Posts". The Royal Mail service was first made available to the public by Charles I on July 31, 1635, with postage being paid by the recipient, and the General Post Office (GPO) was officially established by Charles II in 1660.

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