1775 penny

I found an old penny under the floor of a very old house, the date is 1775 with britannia on the date side with the word BRITANNIA. On the head side is a king and the words GEORGIVS 111 REX. Can anyone tell me about this penny and what the words mean.
16:52 Sat 10th Mar 2007
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GEORGIVS 111 REX, just means King George III. It's probably not worth a lot unless it's condition is excellent.

Do not clean it - at all, (cleaning makes them virtually worthless).
Depending on condition, your coin should be worth between �6 and �30.

I believe it is silver, as the copper pence did not exist before 1797. Strangely, the copper pence of 1797 is worth far more than your silver pence - up to �550.

I think it was worth keeping for its interest value.

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Hi Ethel, the penny I have is copper and is very worn, it is also of a normal penny size and 1775 ??
Are you positive of the date? If so, it is not a penny - it is a half penny.
In 1775 the penny was small and made from silver.
I don't think any pennies were minted in 1775, and the earlier (1772) and later (1776) were inscribed 'GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA'.

In 1797 the first copper penny was struck - and it was so big it was nicknamed the cartwheel. It was inscribed 'GEORGIUS III D G REX'.
This particular penny was struck until 1806/1807 - but kept the 1797 year.

The half penny of 1775 is copper, 30 mm approx diameter, is inscribed 'GEORGIVS III REX' on the face with a bust of George III.
On the reverse is Britannia with the date.

This is the half penny:

Britannia is on the reverse and facing left, holding a trident and olive branch. It is stamped Britannia 1775.

I have found several 1775 half pennies that have sold any eBay - a good indicator of value:

http://search-completed.ebay.co.uk/search/sear ch.dll?GetResult&sacat=-1&ftrt=1&coaction=comp are&fsop=1&ga10244=10425&sadis=200&from=R10&sa rgn=-1&sofocus=so&copagenum=1&fpos=Postcode&sa prclo=&fis=2&maxrecordsreturned=300&sbrftog=1& frpp=50&satitle=1775+half+penny&saprchi=&coent rypage=search&ftrv=1&guest=1

Hope this has helped.

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Thank you Ethel, it is the half penny you say it is, thank you for the information.
Yes its a penny
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No Neilzulu1 it's a Half Penny. they are on ebay.

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