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Just bought a second hand Squier Render electric guitar. I had to have the top E string fitted. I have now noticed that the note produced by the second and third fret on this string is exactly the same! Anyone any idea why this is happening please?
17:13 Sat 31st Mar 2012
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The 3rd fret is slightly higher than it should be so when you are pressing on the 2nd fret it is actually the (too high) 3rd fret which is pivoting the string . If this is only happening on the top e string it could just be that the fret is loose at that end of the fingerboard .
If I were you I would take off all the strings and examine the neck of the guitar - hold a long steel rule or straight edge over the frets all along the neck of the guitar and see if any are markedly out of line . (You will notice with the strings off the neck will bow outwards very slightly - this is normal) If any frets are out of line you can try to hammer them gently with a rubber mallet taking care to support the neck directly under where you are hammering .
Another problem you may be having is that the "action" of the strings is too low (i.e. the height of the strings above the neck) This can be adjusted by raising the height of the bridge (where the strings pivot at the bottom end of the guitar) Most bridges can be adjusted .
Another problem could be the "neck relief " . This is the "bow" that I referred to earlier , only when all the strings are fitted and tensioned , the neck bows the other way i.e. inwards . This bow can be varied by turning the allen key bolt which you can see at the top of the neck usually covered by a small removable plate , or at the bottom of the neck( just inside the sound hole on acoustics) . This is a tricky adjustment - it may be better to take it to a music shop to do this . (if you got the guitar from a music shop they should do this for you )
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Thanks fo this - sorry posted in wrong subject listing !!
I have got a squire fender strat, and it has the best strat sound of all the guitars that i have owned. It has Fender strings, and I paid £50 with an amp, secondhand, and it sounds superb. I think you need to retune your guitar, go to " Youtube" and type in" guitar tuning" as there are some videos of the correct sounds at concert pitch, which is the correct sound that all orchestra's and groups use. you can tune string by string. I have had proper Fender strats, and although the build quality was better, none sounded like this squire, just like hank marvin in the shadows, so nice it makes you weep.
be proud of the guitar, they are superb,
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It was the only guitar I wanted and I am pleased with it - I just noticed this slight anomaly yesterday when I was messing about. I'll try and sort it today. Failing that I shall go and see a guy in the local music shop.
Hello Maxie - this webpage may be useful :

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