Can you eat Glycerine?

I have a recipe for madeira cake and it says to put 1oz (25g) 0f glycerine in it. Is it dangerous and if it is okay where do you buy it in the uk? Valeriea
20:12 Wed 22nd Dec 2010
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yes, it's used as a thickening agent in a lot of things.

Should be able to get it in supermarkets
in tescos baking department and yes its okay to eat although an excess can give you the runs
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Nitroglycerine is different :c)

Used to be a heart drug believe it or not
and nitro-glycerine isn't to readily available in supermarkets!
Valeriea... were you thinking of nitroglycerine? ;-p
can we be there to watch you eat nitroglycerine?
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What a witty bunch we are...

From Morrisons

I used to use it to sweeten and add body to home made wine.
Rasman, your toilet system must be well used if you add glycerine to your home-made booze.
Yes you can eat it - it's an ingredient of some cough medicines.
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Thanks for your answers. Yes, It was definately glycerine in the recipe. Here is the recipe: Maderia cake: 75g Butter, 50z marg, 10oz sugar, 1oz GLYCERINE 5 eggs, 80z plain flour, 2oz SR flour, half an oince vanilla essence, 2 table lemon juice. Just mix everything nin the mixer and put in a greased tin. Put in a pre-heated oven 190 gas 5 abd bake for 45 mins. It is really nice but I didn;t use the GLYCERINE of course.Valeriea
wasn't there a year when delia smith used glycerine in a recipe and the whole world ran out of stocks of it because of her??
or maybe i'm thinking of something else..??..!!
Glycerine (glycerol) is used to prevent Royal Icing from becoming too hard.
I always add a teaspoonful to sponges and they are very moist and keep well

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