singapore vermicelli - whats the sauce?

my boyfriend loves this from a takeaway but says they often get it a bit wrong...such as forgetting the beansprouts or not enough chicken or i got him a packet of dried vermicelli... he can get the veg and chicken etc to go with it...

but can anyone tell me what the sauce and seasoning etc would be??

19:41 Fri 20th Feb 2009
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You mean Singapore Noodles... If you just go into Google and type in Singapore Noodles a whole load of recipes will come upand you can take your pick,,
there shouldnt b any sauce in vermicelli singapore style.

my dad just put chilli powder, ground pepper, sesemaseed oil. thats it i think.
(my dads a chef at a chinese takeaway))
Whitebear.....what's the sauce they serve their mixed veg in?

Sorry joko :-)
but most fake ones uses satay sauce and mix with it.

go to a local super market.. or tesco, sainsburys etc.. buy a jar of satay sauce. and mix the sauce with your noodles.

which ones are you talking about???
When you order a portion of mixed veg from the take away. It comes in a lovely sauce....

It's a side order.
ummm...what colour is the sauce ?

if its darkish colour then the chef might have stir fried the veg with soy sauce, gound pepper, sesamseed oil and lots of MSG!!
oh Joko,

some places puts curry powder in the vermicelli too!!

the propper stuff is just put, chilli powder. with lots of fresh chillies, onions, peppers, bean sprouts, (prawns and char siu-thats chinese pork, but any meat will be fine)

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