Where can I buy Edamame in London? I looked on the tesco website and they don't have any! Also, how do you cook them? (wagamama style!)


11:58 Thu 12th Jan 2006
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If you search for edamame on


you should find them. (1 pound 29p for 454g)

The site also has cooking instructions for the beans BUT there is an official Wagamama cookbook available. I don't know if it has recipe ideas for edamame but it has loads of their other dishes in it.

You put them in a steamer over salted water and cook for one or two mins until firm but still with a bite.then you drain them thoroughly.

put your chosen seasoning in a hot frying pan,add the beans for one min,stir fry style, then serve maybe with salt or ground peppers depending on your orig. choice of flavours.

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