Baking vs frying

Why exactly is baking better than frying..for example breaded chicken cutlets? I understand less oil less fat, but what are the other advantages?
18:40 Sat 01st Oct 2005
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HEAT DISTRIBUTION .....anything with any depth to it ..e.g (chicken breast ,kiev ..etc ) will cook more evenly in an oven .
you can pan-fry chicken breast for 30 mins and it still might be raw in the middle .especially if you cook it on the bone .
think about it could not cook a whole chicken in a frying pan could you ?
so anything over about an inch thick , i like to cook in the oven
safer ...quicker ...easier ...and tastier .( probably healthier as well ) but with a name like beerbelly i wont worry about that too much......b..b

Only 1 answer

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