Turkey crown

Any idea where I can buy one of these at the moment? None of the supermarkets seem to have them, seems they're a seasonal thing, although with Easter not too far away I thought they'd be in the shops as many people buy them then.
12:56 Sat 10th Mar 2012
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Morrisons supplied mine :)
Question Author
Recently,ttfn? If so, I feel a visit to the nearest morrisons will be in order. Thanks :)
This week, hope you get one ok
yep morrisons had some in the other day
Question Author
Great, thanks everso much :)
Icelands large about £14.
We had one from Icelands a couple of weeks ago, very tasty and well worth the money
Our local butcher has them at the moment (don't know if he does them all year round, never noticed them before) - obviously not a great deal of help to you but maybe one of your local butchers has some too.
Question Author
Thanks for all suggestions, seems they are around if you know where to look.

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