Just about to try an M & S Tartiflette (pretty sure I am going to like it). Anyone got a good recipe to make one myself and what could I use instead of the lardons (they will be pushed around by everyone because of the fat - including me). Thanks.
20:09 Sun 04th Mar 2012
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You could just omit the bacon altogether or use bits of chicken if you feel you want some meat in it xx
avec le francais:


for the lardons, replace by a good quality bacon or even ham, still delicious with the latter.....
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Just finished it - wasn't impressed. It was really, really salty (is the cheese that's used a salty cheese?).
I had it in the Alps when I was skiing, I don't recall it being overly salty....it could of course be salty because of the bacon in it.
possibly and M&S food items, though often tasty, do have a high salt content. Have a go at making your own......you will be hopefully surprised at how delish they are.
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That's all - might give it a go, ditch the lardons (they were minging). Just got to track the cheese down now (and see if it is eye-wateringly expensive).
I had the most delicious tartiflette at our local posh, Michelin Starred restaurant! Did not know M&S did one. I have looked up recipe, will maybe attempt to make it one day.
Im not keen on bacon fat either but i still ate it, think the bacon was cooked so the fat was crispy. i cant say i was ever a fan of it, although i do remember the 1 in the restaurant being nicer compared to home made but most likely me not liking how the reblechon cheese was used for the top.

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