Help- macaroon!!!!!

Ive ran out of icing sugar but im almost there!!!!

Anything else i can use!? Didnt realise it tOok soooo much to add to the potatoes!! Two bloody boxes!??

Iv flour, cornflour, sugar?

Its almost firm enough but not quite xx
17:20 Sat 03rd Mar 2012
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I've just had to google this, I've never heard of macaroons with spuds before, are they nice? Not sure I would want to try one.
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Amazinh rocky i LOVE macaroon!!! Im scottish though LOL

Raging im nearly done coconut all toasted
Just a bit short x
Can you liquidize sugar until it is finer? I've done this before. It's not perfect but may do for your purposes.
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How do u do that xxx
I made coconut macaroons the other might, they were quite nice, unfortunately I ate too many, gave myself a sugar rush and don't want to look at them anymore.
Saw on a shopping channel once the guy using a grinder and to demonstrate ground sugar going from granulated to caster and finally to icing sugar. Might be worth a try if you have a bean whizzer.
Just put some sugar in a blender or liquidizer and keep zapping it till it's finer. As I say, it never gets as fine as the bought product, but may suffice.

Hope they turn out okay, tinks!
are you using a pound of totties ?????,1 would have been eneugh
Intrigued by the use of potatoes. do you have a recipe please?

Is this the sort of recipe you are doing? Weird! What do they taste like?
Blimey, have heard of potato scones but not of potato in sweet things. I love coconut, so might give this a try. Thanks Pastafreak.
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Yeah cooled potatoes mashed up with enough icing sugar to make it into a dough u can roll out, cut into bars, dip in melted chocolate and toasted coconut!! Tastes lovely honest- ive grew up eating it and didnt realise it was made of potatoes!!! Xx
Coconut? Ugh! Thought of a Bounty bar makes me feel queasy.
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Im not a great coconut lover actually daisy but these are nice! I make coconut biccys too that taste amazing and not like coconut xxxx
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So whos going to make it and try it!? Go on! X

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