asafoetida (alternative to onion/garlic)

Wondering if anyone has used this in cooking as I have been recommended to cut out onion and garlic completely from my diet.
09:45 Fri 13th Jan 2012
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Only used it in a Curry..added Asafoetida to Onions,when sweating.Always thought it was used to enhance flavour of Onions,not instead of.Very smelly,the clue is in the name..
Clue in the name ? What; the 'as' bit ? Or the 'foe' bit ?
(I really must improve my vocabulary sometime.)
foetid...but you knew that,Geezer
No, honestly. I think the 'o' may have thrown me, even assuming I'd have spotted it. One learns something new every day, or so they say. Cheers.
Who on earth told you to cut out onions and garlic?

They are two of nature's most potent foods.
NoM - they can also cause nasty reactions to those unfortunate enough to be intolerant of, or allergic to, them.
I've only used it in curries, too. It says here it smells like dung - mmm, yummy!

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