Hi -has anyone any ideas (other than pour down the sink) for using up the best part of a bottle of avocaat bought at Xmas but no one drank? -thanks!
17:32 Fri 06th Jan 2012
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Stick some brandy & lime in it for a brandy snowball!
Don't pour it down the sink! I'm nearly in tears imagining that being done to it.

Make Snowballs with it.
Snowballs with loads of cherries please..................
My mum'll have it. She loves the stuff.
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we tried snowballs but somehow they did'nt taste as nice as they did when nana used to make them for us when we went for Xmas -well we were only 10 yrs old so probably thought we were very sophisticated -lol! may try the brandy and lime thing -was thinking more of cooking with it - like making boozy custard or something?
Forgot lemonade too.
Save it for the medicine cupboard the next time someone has a chesty cough. It is far more effective than any branded cough medicine. I don't particularly like the taste but is is extremely gloopy and will coat and soothe the rawest of throats.
Green Monster cocktail - tastes like a delicious milkshake, but will have everyone rolling about in no time! (Tip; put vodka in first - it'll stop the advocaat sticking to the inside of the glass).


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