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Can anybody recommend a good insect repellant that will be safe to use on my 2 year old son. We are going to Majorca in a couple of weeks and the hotel we are staying at is close to a lake and some marsh land and I have read lots of reviews from previous guests who all stated that they were eaten alive by mosquitos so I am worrying now about my son being bitten. Thank you.
23:01 Mon 03rd Jul 2006
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i think that i used a tesco make when i went but you can also get from boots or mothercare a wrist band repellant, my daughter was under one when we went so i took lemon water ( mossies dont like it) and i put these wrist bands on the buggy at night also if you are taking him in a buggy to sleep when you are out ,take a cot mossie net and attatch to the buggy.

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