is my house blacklisted

i have been living in a rental property now for 3 years and me and my partner have serious problems trying to gain credit how can i find out if the property is blacklisted?
11:59 Wed 24th Jan 2007
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There is no such thing as a black list.

The credit references hold data on individuals' credit dealings and supply that data to any firms that may be considering giving a person credit. The firms then apply their own processes to the data to decide if they want to lend you money. The system is generally a scoring matrix based on previious credit, employment status, location etc.

Generally an address alone would not form a credit record, it needs the combination of address and the person, that is why they ask for previous addresses when you have lived somewhere for a short time. If you are getting refused credit and don't know why you can ask the credit agencies for the data they hold on you and then you can check the accuracy of it's contents and if necessary demand correction.

Are you sure your credit record is clean?
If you wanted you can go to the link below and check out your own credit rating. There is a cost but may be worth it.
21 frederick pickles house tait close eastfeild road pe1 4qr
21 rederick pickles tait close pe1 4qr

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