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is there a ppi company who can find out what loans / credit cards you had over the last ten years? I'm sure I saw one on the telly the other day.
18:49 Mon 19th Mar 2012
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I think you need to tell them.
You can get a lot of info from checking your credit file
You should receive a letter from any lender you've had PPI from soon(ish) anyhow...

However, any loans over six years old may not still be on the lenders records meaning you may not get a letter. so even if you did have a loan over 6 years old that was eligible you'd still need to have all the paperwork yourself to provide proof of the loan(which I'd guess you haven't as you are asking this question)
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thanks chuck,
no, i have lost count of loans/credit cards over the course of time, just thought that these financial bods may have a way of accessing records of old loans etc.

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