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NS and I - Premium Bonds

Re the current ad for Premium Bond investment.

I have had my Premium Bonds since 1958 and still waiting for a win. Am I alone or are there lots of unlucky people out there?.

I have updated my name and address each time as required.
14:24 Tue 21st Apr 2009
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The odds against any particular single bond number winning a prize in any particulart month is about 36,000 to 1.

So, even if you hold the maximum �30,000 in premium bonds you can only expect to win one prize per month on average.
we held some PB's for a period of time.. we had �20k each... and won something almost every month.. though only ever the minimum prize �50 - which is now only �25 due to interest rates dropping.
Cashed them in a while back to pay for our house.. It was fun while it lasted.. but didnt get THE BIG ONE.
My parents know someone who did though! Think they won a few hundred thousand pounds!!! Lucky huh!
I received my first bond in 1956 and no luck with that one as yet. I have about �1,525 today and have won 2 prizes of �50 with the larger block numbers. My hubby wins quite often but never more than �100 and again with the larger blocks of �1,000. If you look on the premium bond web site it is nearly always the people with large block numbers that win the larger prizes, as they have a better chance.
I have had a premium bond since 1962 which has never won anything. However, about 4 years ago I bought �1000 worth and have since won two prizes of �50 each. Still waiting for the original one to win though (or a decent prize!).
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Many thanks for responses. Glad to know I am not alone.
I often wonder whether the very old ones are left out of the system.
According to this somebody in Nottingham won �1,000 with a �1 bond they bought in 1962.

http://www.nsandi.com/products/pb/winnerlist.j sp

Older bonds show up less often because they are fewer of them compared to newer ones.
I have one that was bought for me in 1957 which has never one a thing.
Oh well. Maybe it will win �1,000,000 next month.

Good luck.

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